Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Plans for 2014

I decided last year during the Guitar Center Singer Songwriter contest that I've been doing stuff ass-backwards.  Instead of writing songs and releasing them with all the bells and whistles under the name of Pawn's Logic ™, the plan is to work through an acoustic version and release a rough demo under my own name.  "Big War" is my first, purely solo effort since "Legend."  It's available for download for a limited time only from my ReverbNation solo page. You can stream "Big War" and other stories, below.  Look for "Needle's Eye" in March, or thereabouts.  "Dirty" is still being written, so I don't expect to have it ready for Pawn's Logic ™ before May.  I have at least one new instrumental planned for this year, and expect a re-release of "In the Dark" with Bethannie on vox.

The finalists for the Singer Songwriter contest all had professional grade videos and professional-sounding songs.  Several videos that I had personally dismissed as contenders for the finals--because I thought they were too polished--made it in.  "All We Got"  is a good contender soundwise, it's just a matter of  making a professional-looking video.  There's 7 months to perfect the four remaining tracks and tape and edit videos for all five.  After trying  to cram the taping and recording three live videos and a doing a lousy job of getting 3 more videos from previously recorded works--all in six weeks--this is not as much time as you'd think.