Sunday, November 10, 2013

Explaining Pawn’s Logic ™

Essentially, Pawn’s Logic ™ was formed in the Nielsen living room, shortly after Chris Oakley proposed to our daughter, Bethannie. 

When Bethannie was a girl, I used to play "Time in a Bottle" on the guitar and she would sing.  We never played shows, so I never concerned myself with the limited sound my guitar could produce.  After Chris proposed, Bethannie asked me to accompany her on guitar so she could sing "Time in a Bottle" for Chris at their wedding.  I recruited my son, John Edward, on nylon string acoustic guitar to fill out the sound.  We practiced for the better part of a year and made our debut at Bethannie and Chris's wedding.

It was our one and only gig.

Since then, John Edward has only picked up the guitar a few times, though he has jammed with me on trombone.  At the time of this writing, Bethannie has recorded several covers, including "Time in a Bottle", and has even started laying down vocal tracks for our original song, "In the Dark."  When she and Chris decided to have a child, they wisely agreed that their family would always come first, so music tends to move at a snails pace for us.  Our granddaughter is the best thing to happen to us since our own children and we wouldn't have it any other way.

The original music recorded, ostensibly under the Pawn’s Logic ™ banner, is layered from music written on my guitar(s), often includes some electric guitar, and from time to time, some electric bass (always MIDI instrumentation).  When I entered the Guitar Center Singer Songwriter 3 with Don Was contest, I realized I've been doing everything back-assward: I've been releasing all of my work under the Pawn’s Logic ™ banner, without ever recording a simple demo.  Hearing "Under the Mountain", "In the Dark" and "So Free" stripped down to just me and a single guitar has made me cringe on some occasions, while making me proud at other times.  Putting "Legend" into the world under my own name was terrifying, but it's a story I wanted the world to hear, even if it's not fully fleshed-out yet.

"Legend" begs for the Pawn’s Logic ™ treatment, if only to emphasize the melody and dynamic structures, but it won't happen any time soon.  Other songs are in the works, to be sure, but before adding the additional thoughts in my head, the guitar and the voice will stand alone, as they do with "Legend":