Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Support Jack Nielsen!

Jack Nielsen has decided to take his songwriting to the next level.  As a songwriter, he leaves it all on the floor.  Now, he's going for broke--The Guitar Center Singer Songwriter 3 with Don Was: the next great American songwriter.  Let's give it "All We Got" Logicals!  Our campaign for this week is "Just press play and walk away."  You don't have to sit through every one of the six videos--get up, stretch your legs!  If the sound is distracting you, mute it.  If you want to check your email or log your facebook status, open another tab--it'll keep playing.  Only have a few minutes before you have to close up your laptop and be somewhere?  Every view is worth a point, so you'll help "move mountains" just by playing the first video!  Just press play once a day, and thanks for your support!